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About N-J Spivak Ltd

The year is 1944, the location, Ukraine. Nick, just 12 years old wanted to make a way for a better life. So he decided to leave Ukraine and make his way towards through Germany and to France during the great famine. Here he was accepted to work on a sugar beet farm about 30 km from Paris. Nick’s brother Jim was working for a construction company, so Nick left school, and working on the farm and went with his brother to work for the construction company. In 1949 he met his future wife Olga, at her age of 16 and married her on September 9th, 1950. This was also the year the Nick lost his brother Jim in a motorcycle accident. Nick soon started to hear of opportunities of work in Canada. In 1951 the Spivak family immigrated to Canada to work on a farm in Edmonton, Alberta. His family consisted of Nick, Olga, His parents Olga and Andrew, his grandmother and his sister, and his baby brother John.

Shortly after working on this farm, Nick decided that he wanted to head east, so Nick managed to find a way to get an old car with the only money that he had. With the old car they made their way towards the east coast, however shortly after the car broke down. He found a shop owned by a fellow Ukrainian speaking owner in a small village. The mechanic told him that the cost to fix the car was more than the family had.

While standing there worried about what to do, he went outside to see an empty lot with a dug out foundation. He asked the mechanic who’s house that was, and the reply was “it is my house I am building but money is scarce”. Nick offered to help work on the basement for the costs to repair the car. So the family started mixing stone, sand, cement and water by hand, and poured the basement floor. Soon after, the car was fixed and Nick and the family were on their way again.

Unfortunately, the car broke down again, but they had enough money to be able to have the family take a bus the rest of their way, and made London, Ontario the destination.

Once arriving here they managed to find local lodging with a Ukrainian family. There were a couple other families living their also. So the area was small, and they only had a small area in which they lived, and everyone lived in 1 room. Shortly after arriving Nick heard of work being done at the Fanshawe Dam, and he went to apply and was hired as a carpenter. While not having much experience in carpentry, he was a fast learner. In 1952 he brought Olga’s family to Canada, where they all lived in one small house.

Nick was promoted on the Fanshawe Dam to foreman quickly, and the other foreman was fired. He worked hard on that job, but when that was complete, he was told to go to the employment office to get some money. He arrived there and was given $25.00. He took the money and after looking at it went back inside and gave it back to the employment office. “Why did you do that” she asked? “I’m looking for work, not a hand out” Nick replied. At this point there was another gentleman standing there in the office that heard, this. He was a contractor, and he followed Nick outside and said “I heard your looking for a job” Nick said yes and he was hired on the spot. Unfortunately the work was only for 2 days a week.

There was another construction company next door to his job site, and he inquired there and was also hired on the spot. Now working full time Nick has gained experience as a carpenter.

Nick started to form a pour odd basement jobs with his Wife Olga for some extra money on the side. From this Nick and Olga started N-J Spivak Ltd in 1952. Times were very tight, payments for his jobs were very slow to come, and at times where they did not have enough money to buy food or milk for their new born baby Jim, they continued to put every penny they earned into their new business. Being too proud to accept money from anyone, Olga quickly went to work cleaning houses during the day, and helping Nick do concrete finishing late into the evenings and at times into the early mornings. Never the less the hard work continued and they built their first home on Emery St in London, that still is occupied today. They did everything but the furnace and electrical in this home, all by hand. In May of 1963 they had their second son Walter. Nick and Olga were very hospitable with the time and always loved to have people over when they could, and gave them a place to stay if they needed it and some food.

At this time there was no Ukrainian church in London, so he started and ran a committee to build a church. Nobody wanted the responsibility of this big project so Nick agree to signed the documents on his own to take on the challenged of building and funding a Church on his own. Today the Holy Trinity Ukrainian church is still standing and being used today, and is located at 151 King Edward Ave.

The next project was joining with the Ukrainian Catholic Parish and building the Ukrainian Centre in 1967 on Adelaide Street. This is a small hall that is used to rentals and meetings for the London area. Now with this built, there was no place for children to get together to have a Ukrainian Youth camp. Many talked of the idea, possible locations from London to Toronto to further north. So Nick asked if anyone would be interested in heading the project, however, alone nobody wanted to take on this project. So Nick formed another committee and him and Olga drive the country side looking for a suitable location the Ukrainian Country Club. A location was found on Gore Road, and so the project began. Nick, president of the association gathered a group of people and started to funding and building of the club. Today the club is busy and used largely for corporate events and large weddings and the Ukrainian Youth Camp (ODUM).

In 1980 Nick and Olga started Concrete Forming(1980). Together with his carpentry knowledge, he gathered a few men and started with basement foundations, and building homes. While the home building did not continue for too long, Nick wanted to concentrate more on the concrete and forming industry. The business started to grow, and as it did, more trucks were purchased to keep up with the demand, and new forms to keep up with the customers’ orders.

Shortly after this, Nick and Olga tragically lost their Son Jim in a snowmobile accident. He was only 31 at the time. Being very difficult they continue to work, and start Wally World Water Park. Supplying and forming all the concrete in this park. The park did very well, but later was sold off as renovation repairs would have not been feasible return in investment with the climate that London had to offer. It was a land mark location that helps put London, Ontario on the map. It attracted people from all over and the number one spot on hot summer days. The water park was owned by his son Walter, and assisted in operations by his Nephews Jim, and Michael. It consisted of a large water park, go-kart track, batting cages, and miniature golf.

After this they transformed an old mined gravel pit into a golf course, and so, The Oaks Golf Club was built. It remains at full capacity and it well respected in the golf community. After Wally World was sold, the new endeavor to build another golf course was decided. Fire Rock Golf Course was built. The modern club house hosts many wedding through the year, and the stunning course attracts many to the course during the golf season.

We here at N-J Spivak pride our selves in the amazing team that we have. Because of this team, we are able to confidently and completely fill all of your concrete needs, one meter at a time.

Nick and Olga have raised their family with strong moral values based around respect, honor, and trust. While the hand shake generation slowly fades away, today a hand shake with Walt or Mike still means business. “…If we shake on it, consider it done. Back in Nick’s time multi-million dollar deals were sealed with a hand shake. You know we mean business when we shake your hand!”

On November 19th, 2014, with his family by his side, Nick has passed away. This is a very difficult time for many people. Today we lost a friend, grandfather, husband, father, business partner, and mentor. Nick’s legacy will continue on strong. “He was truly a remarkable man, that built his life around ridiculously hard work and his family”

Nick started working with his grandson Michael in 2001, and since then has worked his way to General Manager. Michael (Mike) has been running the operation on his own, with occasional guidance from Nick since 2002. Nick remained involved with the business until his health started to decline in late 2013. Walter, his son stepped into help with the running of the business. Walt, working closely with Mike, oversees the forming and supply operations. “We are a family business. This is how Nick wanted it to be, this is how we will stay”

Being family owned has many advantages both for the employees and the customer. We are able to personally meet you and help you out. “We take the time to talk to you, and explain everything.” Mike is able to help with jobsite decisions, and authorize changes or finalize prices immediately. “You get the hand shake deal with me, and we will start the job” Meeting new people is something Mike enjoys, as well as explaining concrete products to customers about things they may not know, or are too shy to ask. “Concrete is just sand, stone, water, cement, and over 200 chemical reactions” Mike says as he smiles. “Lots of people get the first 4, it’s the last part that he likes explaining to customers” Knowing how concrete reacts with its environment from initial order and placement through to curing adds to its long lifetime of sustainability and durability.

With a strong family background, competitive pricing, unrivalled service, and a truly superior concrete product, why not let us be your complete professional concrete solution. We do it all, are very experienced and we want to work with you!

You will not be disappointed, this we promise.

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